LPG gas auto regulator & fittings kit (R4801)




The Fujikoki regulator is an 8 kg/h domestic LPG auto-changeover regulator designed to be connected to two cylinders, it regulates the flow of gas to the correct pressure.

The regulator and associated kit components, allow for a compliant 2 x 45 kg (twin-pack) LPG installation.

Both valves need to be open at all times. Regular servicing is required, at least every two years, to remove residue from the system.

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Product Details

How does a regulator work?

The below information is taken from the Elgas website which gives an easy to understand explanation.

Regulators have a diaphragm, which is a flexible rubber disc that responds to pressure changes and functions to regulate the flow of gas to the proper pressure. The diaphragm works in combination with springs and other parts within the regulator. It also works in conjunction with the regulator vent which allows the diaphragm to move freely. If the vent is obstructed, the diaphragm will not operate properly. The vent should remain free of dirt and debris to ensure the regulator operates correctly.

Technical Specifications

Kit code


Kit contents
  • Fujikoki LPG regulator
  • Pigtails braided 600 mm (x2)
  • Regulator wall bracket galvanised
  • Wall chain brackets galvanised (x3)
  • Weather cover stainless steel
  • Chain galvanised 4 mm 2.5 m long
  • Screw pack
  • Wall plugs

The regulator is supplied with two flexible gas pigtails. The flexible connections are stainless steel lined for longer life. Fixings supplied may not be suitable for every application.


AS/NZS: 5601.1 compliant
ES Declaration number: RIN4252


Two years