SP5 Series


Rinnai's latest 5 Star non-condensing range of Ducted Gas Heaters delivers excellent efficiency while using less gas to heat your home, all without the need for condensate drains. Rinnai can now not only deliver a 5 Star rating without producing condensate, but can offer a cheaper way to get 5 Star efficiency without compromising on quality.

A non-condensing Ducted Gas Heater makes the system easier and faster to install, making it a great option for a new installation or to replace your old heater - meaning lower installation costs.

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Product Details


• Five year parts and labour warranty
• Lay down kit (Internal application)
• ZonePlus™ compatible
• DualComfort™™ compatible
• Cheaper and easier to install
• High efficiency
• Non-condensing 5 Star Rating

Technical Specifications

Output NG

SP5214EN:  21 kW
SP5214IN:  21 kW
SP5304EN: 30 kW
SP5304IN: 30 kW
SP5354IN: 35 kW

Model codes and star rating

SP5214EN: 5.0
SP5214IN: 5.0
SP5304EN: 5.0
SP5304IN: 5.0
SP5354IN: 5.0

Airflow L/s @100 Pa ESP

SP5214EN: 645
SP5214IN: 740
SP5304EN: 995
SP5304IN: 1110
SP5354IN: 1190

Net weight

SP5214EN: 66 kg
SP5214IN: 53 kg
SP5304EN: 85 kg
SP5304IN: 71 kg
SP5354IN: 72 kg

Market release