Rinnai Enviroflo™ Hot Water Heat Pump

An entry-level Hot Water Heat Pump



Experience the efficiency of the Rinnai Enviroflo™ Hot Water Heat Pump, utilising an innovative heat exchange system to heat water by drawing on the heat from the surrounding air. With its advanced controller, enjoy maximum hot water availability while cutting energy usage by up to 70%* compared to standard electric storage tanks.

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Product Details

Energy Efficient
Maximise hot water availability while saving up to 70% on hot water costs.*
Inbuilt electric element to ensure you always have a reliable supply of hot water.
User Friendly Control Interface
Multiple operating modes; Standard, ECO, Hybrid, Electric.
Frost Protection
Built-in defrost and frost protection functions to handle colder climates.
Dedicated to Sustainability
Just 380g charge of high efficiency R290 refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential.


Suitable for Hard or Soft Water Areas
Enamel cylinder with a magnesium anode for use in hard and soft water areas.
Ideal for a Range of Residential Styles
Suitable for homes of 2–5 people. 
Quiet Operation
Quiet operation with integrated low noise design.
Auto Disinfection
Built in auto disinfection function to prevent the potential growth of legionella.
Residential Warranty coverage includes 5 years for cylinders, 3 years for refrigeration components, and 1 year for other components.

* See brochure for testing specifications.

Enviroflo utilises The Smart Life - Smart Living App is a third party application independent of Rinnai

Technical Specifications

Model number / order code


Storage capacity

265 L


3.6 W/W
(inlet water temp 19 ºC, outlet water temp. 55 ºC, ambient temp. 19 ºC) .

Accredited Testing to AS/NZS 5125

Rated heat pump output / input

3.6 kW / 1.1 kW

Hot water recovery rate

60 L/h
Recovery rate is calculated at 55 ºC, 19 ºC ambient temperature with a 36 ºC rise

Cylinder construction

Enamel (3 x horizontal anodes)

Cylinder element rating

2.1 kW

Operating temperature

-5 to 43 ºC

Noise level

46 dB(A)
Sound pressure level measured at 1 m distance from the water heater in a free field. 

Refrigerant type

R290 / 380 g (A3 flammable)

Modes of operation
  • Standard
  • ECO
  • Hybrid
  • Electric

Height - 1765 mm, diameter 620 mm

Water supply and connections
  • Hot outlet / cold inlet ¾ " RP (20 mm)
  • TPR ¾ RP (20 mm)
  • Condensate 19 mm tapered connection
  • Empty 120 kg
  • Full 385 kg
IP rating


Market release

Apr 2024