Evolve 1253 Plus

A stunning flame picture with a versatile power flue system



*Includes engine ($6912), frame ($960), and log set ($327)

Designed and made in New Zealand

Design your own fire with traditional logs or river stones and a choice of two frames, using our 'Design Your Fire' feature.

With up to 8.4 kW of heat output, the Evolve 1253 Plus gas fire can easily heat up to 134 m². What's more is that with the Rinnai power flue system, this fire can be installed where other fires cannot go. 

Temperature control
Back to basics simple infra-red remote for easy operation, or for more features such as timers and thermostatic control, use the Rinnai Wi-Fi fireplace controller app, available from the App Store or Google Play.

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Design Your Fire

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Product Details

Suitable for
Living rooms and open plan areas. The versatile power flue system makes for easy installation in almost any living space, including bedrooms.

The Evolve is ideal for a new build installation into a false (mock) chimney.

Heating areas (up to)
- Upper North Island 134 m2
- Central and lower North Island 93 m2
- South Island 78 m2

Technical Specifications







Noise level


* Input LPG 17-32 MJ/h, ** kW output will vary according to gas type and flue configuration

Evolve 1253 NG: RHFE1253N
Evolve 1253 LPG: RHFE1253L

Gas type

Available for Natural Gas or LPG, specify at the time of purchase

Convection fan

3-speed fan. Heat is distributed from the top of the appliance.

Gas connection

½ ” BSP, the gas supply terminate inside the fire—lower left hand side of the appliance

Data plate

Located inside the appliance, upper right hand side

Power flue

Inner 50 mm, outer 70-80 mm. Appliance must be installed with a Rinnai flue system.

Power consumption and electrical supply

High 90 W, standby <8 W. This appliance has a 1.5 m power cord with a 3-pin plug supplied. The power cord passes through a slot in the back left hand corner of the unit.

Safety devices

Flame failure sensing system, pressure relief, overheat safety switch, air temperature sensor, thermal fuse, overcurrent fuse, and spark detector

Temperature control

Operated using a basic infra-red remote, or for more features, such as timers and thermostatic control, using the Rinnai Wi-Fi fireplace controller app.


Approx. net weight: 83 kg

General clearances

The minimum clearances listed below are measured from the edge of the glass

  • Above 400 mm
  • Sides - 400 mm (includes side walls)
  • In front - 1000 mm

These are unit dimensions only, not the framing/cavity dimensions.


Supplier declaration of compliance: Declaration number - 00000235273T7

Market release

October 2023

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Yes. The majority of modern gas fires have electronic ignition and safety components that require electricity. For customers concerned with power outages, there are commercially available battery backup systems. One provider is Helio (www.heliosps.co.nz) who supply systems specifically designed for use with gas space heaters and water heaters.

For flues terminating through the roof there is a requirement for how far the flue terminal needs to be from the building. This clearance is required to ensure products of combustion are cleared adequately. Rinnai recommends the flue cowl should have a 500 mm clearance from any part of the building.

For more information, refer to the installation manual of the gas fireplace you are interested in – available on our website.

With the exception of the Compact 2 model, all Rinnai fires may be suitable to have a TV installed above them. Rinnai fires incorporate a fan that distributes warm air outwards into the room rather than directly upwards, meaning that installation of a TV may be an option.

Please refer to the Specification guide for gas fireplaces for recommended installation clearances. It is the responsibility of the owner to check the TV installation instructions with the TV supplier to verify clearances. Some TV manufacturers have warranty conditions that state a TV is not to be installed above a fireplace. Rinnai does not accept any responsibility for damage to a TV resulting from the use of this information.

For reliable operation, Rinnai gas fires should be serviced every two years (including inspection of the flue system). If they are in a particularly dusty environment or subject to excess lint (for example dog hair, or where there are newly laid carpets) then annual servicing is recommended.

If you’d like to schedule a service, just give us a call 0800 RINNAI (0800 746 624) or fill in our form online.