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Ring-mains are used to deliver near-instantaneous hot water to outlets

Ring-mains are used when there are long distances between the hot water plant and the outlets. These applications have presented challenges to continuous flow water heating systems that do not incorporate some storage.

The Rinnai INFINITY N56 is ideally suited to ring-mains in commercial applications that do not otherwise require any storage back-up. These include gyms, sports clubs, and school hostel shower blocks.

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Product Details

The first N56 of a set is connected to the ring main return and controls the ring main pump. Once the N56 determines the ring main is fully heated it turns off the pump periodically.

In single domestic dwellings different hydraulic arrangements are recommended for ring main applications where multiple N-Series are to be used. Refer to the 'Consolidated Ring Main Schematics' in the below 'Downloads' section.