Pro Series Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Cool comfort at the touch of a button

Designed for New Zealand’s ever-changing climate, the Rinnai Pro Series Ducted Air Conditioning System provides both optimal heating and cooling all year round – no matter where you live in the country.

Packed with innovative features including Wi-Fi connectivity, fast cool/heat function and sleep mode, the Pro Series Ducted Air Conditioner is the ultimate in providing complete comfort. This smart system can also work around your unique lifestyle with an ultra-practical timer function, allowing you to set the unit’s operation times to achieve the perfect room temperature.

With stylish controller design options, the Rinnai Pro Series range is discreet, quiet and simple to use. The perfect way to heat or cool your home.

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Pro Series Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

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Product Details

Designed and Built for New Zealand Conditions

There’s no weather in the world quite like what we experience in New Zealand. This means when you design an Air Conditioning System, you need one that can stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

With that in mind, the Rinnai Pro Series is designed especially for New Zealand. Through product design, durable build materials, and organic coatings, we have developed the Pro Series to better resist our harsh coastal environments where salt can have a devastating effect on lesser-designed products.

Particular thought has gone into our outdoor unit which includes stainless steel bolts, a clever case design to maximise water runoff, and a hermetically sealed electrical box, which all contribute to the increased overall durability of the series.

Pro-Pel Coil Protection

The Rinnai Pro Series indoor and outdoor coils are coated with our unique, non-toxic Pro-Pel Coil Protection making them more resistant to oxidation and corrosion. This 100% environmentally friendly coating delivers greater longevity and sustained performance in coastal areas and other harsh environments.

Additionally, the hydrophilic properties of Pro-Pel Coil Protection effectively reduce bacteria growth and improve the low-temperature heating efficiency of the Pro Series by accelerating the defrosting process.

Rinnai Heat Pump R32 Refrigerant


Wall Mounted Programmable Controller & Thermostat

Rinnai Pro Series Wall Controller
Eco Cool
When in cooling mode, with the press of a button your ducted system will enter a pre-programmed combination of settings which can reduce energy use by up to 60%.
 Turbo Mode
This function gives you a boost in cooling or heating power to more quickly achieve your desired room temperature.
Daily & Weekly Timer
A convenient on and off timer for the next 24 hour period – programmable from your remote. Convenient weekly scheduling programmable via the wall controller or the NetHome Plus App.



Wi-Fi Control
The Rinnai Pro Series features Wi-Fi control via an easy-to-use App. Simple to setup via Bluetooth, it’s never been easier to control your Heat Pump from anywhere in the world. It allows full control with Alexa and Google Home including voice commands and a clever geolocation function to auto on/off when you arrive or leave home – the ultimate in convenience and comfort.
Active Clean Heat Pump Active Clean
Six-step self-cleaning at up to 56°C temperature deeply purifies the evaporator, providing a fresh and clean air supply. Recommended to run at the end of each season.
FreshFlow Heat Pump FreshFlow Air Inlet
Remove stale air and save energy by introducing cool, filtered fresh air via the built-in FreshFlow Air Inlet. Requires additional duct installation, consult with your installer.
Dehumidifying Mode
Take moisture out of the air when humidity gets high with this helpful feature.
Ducted Central Heat Pump Zoning Zoning
The zoning of rooms is deliverable via third-party zone controllers. Compatible systems include MyAir, Airtouch and iZone. Discuss with your installer for more information.
Pro Series Zoning



Technical Specifications


Wall mount controller plus Wi-Fi smartphone app

  • DSNR07B1
  • DSNR09B1
  • DSNR11B1
  • DSNR13B1
  • DSNR15B1
  • DSNR18B
Full specification

Detailed specification information is available on the last page of the customer brochure.

Market Release

June 2023