SP6 Series


Introducing Rinnai’s highest efficiency ducted gas heaters, the SP6 series. They are cleverly engineered to use less gas than traditional ducted gas heaters. This is achieved through a 4-pass heat exchanger with modulating gas valve—meaning you get superior temperature control and greater efficiency.

In heating mode, Rinnai ZonePlus™ allows you to independently zone different temperatures throughout the home with the option to turn off ones not in use, saving you money on running costs.


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Technical Specifications

Model Location Output (kW) Airflow L/s @100 Pa ESP Duct pop connections (mm) Net weight (kg) Gas type
SP6234XEN/L External 23 705 350 68 NG and LPG
SP6234XIN/L Internal 23 755 350 58 NG and LPG
SP6304EN External 29 890 350 89 NG only
SP6304XEN/L External 29 1020 400 89 NG and LPG
SP6304IN Internal 29 1085 350 78 NG only
SP6304XIN/L Internal 29 1120 400 78 NG and LPG
SP635IN/L Internal 35 1155 450 78 NG and LPG

Market release                                      2020