ReadyFit Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor/Outdoor Cylinders

Saving time & effort

Our ReadyFit Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor/Outdoor Cylinders are designed with convenience, efficiency, and reliability in mind.

These cylinders are pre-valved and ready to install, saving valuable time and effort during the installation process. This makes them especially suitable for high-volume specification projects, such as terraced houses and apartments, where multiple units need to be installed quickly and efficiently.

Before shipment, all cylinders undergo leak testing, providing plumbers with peace of mind during
commissioning and ensuring optimal installation on-site.

Available in two capacities with two element options.

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Product Details

1. 850 kPa TPR
2. Insulated hot water tee
3. Inuslated 20 mm NZS3501 copper pipe
4. Insulated 20 mm AVG tempering valve (can be rotated)
5. 700 kPa Apex cold water expansion valve
6. 40 mm tundish
7. ABS drip tray

Does not include:
- Isolating valve
- Seismic restraints
- Mounting plinth (available as an optional accessory

Technical Specifications

  • 135 L, 2 kW: ME135488E20R
  • 135 L, 3 kW: ME135488E30R
  • 180 L, 2 kW: ME180488E20R
  • 180 L, 3 kW: ME180488E30R
Min. cupboard size

600 x 600 mm, by 2000 mm high
Refer dimensions in installation sheet for more information.

Market release

April 2024