Rinnai Pro Series Multi Split System

Heat or cool multiple rooms with one outdoor unit

Introducing the Rinnai Pro Series Multi Split System, designed to efficiently heat or cool multiple rooms using just one outdoor unit.

Our split heat pump system ensures personalised comfort in every room, while saving you money on running costs by heating or cooling only the spaces in use.

Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of our multi-room heat pump technology, tailored to meet your comfort needs without compromising on efficiency.

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Product Details

Rinnai Pro Series Multi Split Systems offer 3 different indoor unit types (Wall Mounted, Slim Ducted and Compact Cassette) that can be used in a multitude of combinations. After selecting up to 5 indoor unit types, these are then paired with an outdoor unit (4 units to choose from) with capacities ranging from 7.1kW up to 13.0kW. With a variety of unit types and capacities available, Rinnai has a system configuration to suit virtually any requirement.

Seamless & Sleek

The sleek Rinnai Wall Mounted Split Systems feature the latest in innovation. Equipped with features including Turbo Function to quickly cool and heat the room, they discreetly operate thanks to a cleverly designed air tunnel for greater air distribution.

Come home to comfort with the NetHome Plus App allowing you to control your Wall Mounted Split System using Wi-Fi from anywhere with an internet or network connection.

Flexible & Functional

Compact & space saving in design, the Rinnai Slim Ducted and Compact Cassette indoor units are ideal for tight spaces. Hidden away in a bulkhead or ceiling cavity, the Slim Ducted indoor unit operates quietly, so it's out of sight and out of mind.

Utilise the most of your ceiling space with the low profile Inverter Cassette, suitable for use in the larger open plan areas of the home with its 360° airflow.


Wi-Fi Control**
Set your favourite temperature from anywhere and come home to ultimate comfort with our intuitive Android or Apple NetHome Plus App. Wi-Fi comes standard with the Wall Mounted Split System and Slim Ducted, and is an optional extra on Compact Cassette units.
Turbo Function
Quickly cool in summer or swiftly warm in winter.
Sleep Mode
The Pro Series intelligent sleep mode operates on a two-way temperature control that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperatures, ensuring a comfortable sleep.
Auto Restart
Auto restart function in case of an electrical power outage provides you with complete peace of mind.
Super Fine Filter
Provides extra protection by keeping fine particles out of the home and providing clean, cool air.
A delay ON or OFF timer allows you to select a period of time (from 30 minutes to 24 hours), the unit will turn either on or off depending on its current status.

** Standard feature in in Wall Mounted Split Systems and Slim Ducted. Optional in Compact Cassette units.
NetHome Plus is a third party application independent of Rinnai.

Available in Wall Mounted Split System only

Technical Specifications

Multi outdoor codes
  • MON3H07B (7.5 kW)
  • MON4H09B (9 kW)
  • MON5H11B (12 kW)
  • MON5H13B (13.5 kW)
Indoor High Wall codes
  • HINRP26MB (2.6 kW)
  • HINRP35MB (3.5 kW)
  • HINRP50MB (5.0 kW)
  • HINRP60MB (6.0 kW)
  • HINRP70MB (7.0 kW)
Indoor Slim Ducted codes
  • DINSD26MB (2.5 kW)
  • DINSD35MB (3.5 kW)
  • DINSD50MB (5.0 kW)
  • DINSD70MB (7.0 kW)
Indoor Cassette codes
  • CIN026RMB (2.6 kW)
  • CIN035RMB (3.5 kW)
  • CIN050RMB (5.0 kW)
  • CINFASM (front panel all models)
Cassette Wi-Fi connection accessory

The Cassette units can Wi-Fi controlled with the purchase of an optional accessory:
• Wi-Fi Module: B064869 - Smart Port Wi-Fi kit

Market release

Feb 2024



Full specification data

Detailed specification information is available in the installation guide within the 'Downloads' tab.

Market release

February 2024


Multi-split AC systems offer several advantages over traditional single-split systems. They allow for individualised climate control in multiple rooms using a single outdoor unit, saving space and reducing installation costs. Additionally, multi-split AC systems often provide energy efficiency benefits by allowing you to only heat or cool the rooms in use.

Multi-split heat pump and air conditioning systems can save electricity compared to traditional systems because they allow for more precise control over each room's temperature. By only heating or cooling the rooms that are occupied, energy waste is minimised, resulting in potential savings on electricity bills.

No, with multi-split systems, you don't need a separate outdoor heat pump unit for each room. A single outdoor unit can connect to multiple indoor units, providing heating and cooling to multiple rooms independently. Depending on what you choose, you will need a high wall unit for each room, or a vent for each room.

Yes, modern multi-split heat pump systems often feature multiple zones, allowing for customised temperature control in different areas of your home or building. This zoning capability enhances comfort and energy efficiency by directing heating or cooling where it's needed most.

A regular heat pump comprises a single outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, providing heating and cooling for a single zone. In contrast, a multi-split heat pump system connects one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, enabling individualised climate control in various rooms or zones from a single outdoor unit. Multi-split systems offer enhanced flexibility and energy efficiency, allowing for tailored comfort levels throughout different areas simultaneously.