Rinnai Energysaver FT3 models (309 559 LPG, 561 NG)




* Above RRP is for the 559FT3 model, 309FT3 $2,718, 561FT3 $3104 (RRP's do not include flue components, these are sold separately)

A heating solution that delivers excellent air quality and efficient heating to any room

The Energysaver FT3 models are the new range of power flued gas heaters being phased in over 2023 / 2024. They have all the same great features as our FT models, differing only by having an:

  • Updated modern asethetic with a darker top control panel, common across all models
  • Upgraded internal fan, and inclusion of an additional safety flue sensor

FT3 models available for order are:
- Energysaver 309FT3 LPG, code: RHF309FT3WL
- Energysaver 559FT3 LPG, code: RHF559FT3WL
- Energysaver 561FT3 NG, code: RHFE561FT3WN

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Product Details


  • Deliver an ultra-clean breathing environment: Whether you're an allergy sufferer or not
  • Highly efficient: They provide heat through floor level outlets — whole areas are heated quickly
  • Child-friendly: No exposed flame, cool-to-touch cabinet1, and lock as standard

All Energysaver models come with features that may reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction for those with asthma or allergies.

1 Louvre component of the heater will still be hot

Suitable for:

  • Residential applications
  • Living rooms, open plan areas, and bedrooms

Heating areas: (up to)
- Upper North Island: 309 - 49m2, 559 - 84m2, 561 - 77m2
- Central / lower Nth Island: 309 - 34m2, 559 - 58m2, 561 - 53m2
- South Island: 309 - 29m2, 559 - 49m2, 561 - 49m2

Technical Specifications

Order codes

- 309FT3 LPG: RHF309FT3WL
- 559FT3 LPG: RHF559FT3WL
- 561FT3 NG: RHF561FT3WN


High efficiency power flue convection heater supported by electronic timers


- 309FT3: 5.8-13 MJ/h
- 559FT3: 9-23 MJ/h
- 561FT3: 9-23 MJ/h


- 309FT3: 1.3-3.2 kW
- 559FT3: 2.2-5.3 kW
- 561FT3: 2.2-5.3 kW


- 309FT3: 84.6%
- 559FT3: 82.8%
- 561FT3: 82.8%

Data plate

Lower right hand side of panel

Power consumption

309FT3: Approx 24 W on high, <1 W on standby
559FT3: Approx. 30 W on high, <1 W on standby
561FT3: Approx. 36 W on high, <1 W on standby

Gas connection

15 mm BSP male thread

Temperature range

16-26 °C by 1 °C increments

Humidifier tray capacity

309FT3: 0.8 L
559FT3: 1.0 L
561FT3: 1.0 L


Preheat function, dual timers, manual control, electronic ignition, economy mode, fan filter, overheat safety device, and lock

Safety devices

Overheat switch, fusible link, flame failure device, electrical fuse, and power failure


309FT3 - 19 kg, 559FT3 - 24 kg, 561FT3 - 23 kg

Celsius or Fahrenheit

To change the temp. scale:

  1. The heater must be off
  2. Press the Timer 1 and Timer 2 buttons at the same time for approx. 5 secs—the display will show ºC or ºF.
  3. Use the arrow keys to select the temperature scale.
  4. Press the ON/OFF button.

ES: Supplier Declaration of Compliance
• Declaration Number - 1408020132

Market release

5559FT3 (LPG) - Jan 2023
309FT3 (LPG) - Jun 2023
561FT3 (NG) - Oct 2023