Evolve 125X mesh guard (R2788)




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Evolve 125X mesh guard (R2788)

Suitable for all the Evolve 125X models (1250, 1252, 1253).

The Evolve black mesh guard is held in place by the inner frame and sits flush with the fire. It is designed to protect against touching the hot surface of the glass.

N.B: The mesh will still get very hot. If you are wanting to stop young hands from getting near the fireplace we would recommend a fire guard in front of the fire.

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Product Details

The kit can be purchased as an accessory when ordering the Evolve. Ideally the guard will be fitted during installation of the fire, but could also be retrofitted.

This accessory is available in black only.

It's difficult to convey the effect of the mesh guard with smaller website images, but if you are interested we could email some higher resolution images.

Suitable for these products

Suitable for the all Evolve 125X models (1250, 1252, 1253)