Brivis ICE cooling system




RRP stated is for the 10 kW system (13 kW $9068, 15 kW $9512). 

Want to add cooling to your Brivis gas ducted heated system? Our ICE™, integrated cooling module, seamlessly integrates to any Rinnai SP series furnace to give you the perfect heating AND cooling system.

  • Combined with any Rinnai SP series gas ducted furnace gives you the best heating system combined with the best cooling system
  • Staggered installation options allows you to install the heating first and cooling later1
  • Compatible with Rinnai Touch and NC-6 controllers that have built in zoning capability—simple and easy to use

The 10 kW unit is a stocked item, the 13kW and 15 kW units are indent items ex-Australia

¹ ICE cooling needs to be specified at the time of designing the heating system as the system needs to be sized accordingly.

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Product Details

How it works
The cooling module comprises of an indoor coil and outdoor compressor, which utilises the same ductwork and grilles as the Rinnai SP series heating furnace. 


Technical Specifications

Model codes Nominal capacity Rated capacity Capacity range Rated input Net weights (indoor & outdoor) Compressor unit refrigerant Compressor unit sound power level Market release
DSCBDC10A11  (stocked item) 10 kW 10.1kW 4.8-11kW 3.20W 31 & 68.5kg R410A 70dB(A) 2019
DSCBDC13A11 (indent item) 13 kW 13.1kW 6.3-14kW 4.08W 31 & 100kg R410A 71 dB(A) 2019
DSCBDC15A11 (indent item) 15 kW 14.6kW 7.5-16kW 4.67W 40 & 116kg R410A 71 dB(A) 2019