Water Heating 24 February 2021

The Future of Gas in New Zealand

The recent release of the draft climate change commission report has raised some questions on the future of gas in New Zealand. This proposal recommended no new natural gas or LPG connections to new domestic houses after 2025. We understand this might sound scary, however we’d like to reassure you that gas will continue to be part of New Zealand’s energy mix for years to come, even as we move towards carbon neutrality as a nation.

Rinnai New Zealand strongly supports the goal of carbon neutrality and believes that gas will be part of the energy mix into the future. Currently over 500,000 New Zealanders enjoy the low cost, comfortable and reliable benefits of gas hot water and home heating and the emissions from all of these domestic gas appliances make up less than 1% of NZ’s total emissions.

Gas will continue to be distributed to existing homes and businesses for the foreseeable future. New users will be added to the network until at least 2025 and NZ has plenty of natural gas for homes to last for decades.

Exciting new zero or low emission gases like hydrogen, biogas and bioLPG are being developed in New Zealand and are recognised by the Climate Change Commission as a good way to reach our emission reductions.

While natural gas and LPG might be phased out over the next 30 years, these exciting new gases will allow us to all continue enjoying the endless hot water and warmth our gas appliances provide.