Heavy Duty (3-phase)

High-Input Electric Storage

Rinnai's Heavy Duty Electric Storage Cylinders are designed to meet the rigorous demands for hot water in both commercial and large residential environments, all while optimising energy usage. Moreover, these cylinders can be easily connected in manifold systems to efficiently handle even greater hot water demands.




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Product Details

Building Code Compliant
Only compliant product of this configuration on the NZ market.
Energy Efficient
Well insulated cylinders keep running costs low.
Quicker Recovery
Multiple large elements ensure quicker recovery rates.
High Flow Rates
Larger pipe connections ensure high flow rates.
Ability to install cylinders indoors or outdoors.
Y Class Vitreous Enamel Lined
High quality Y class enamel protects your cylinder for longer.
3 Phase Power Required


Technical Specifications

  • 60L: MEC060470E333 (3 x 3.3 kW), MEC060470E344 (3 x 4.4 kW)
  • 340L: MEC340652E333 (3 x 3.3 kW), MEC340652E344 (3 x 4.4 kW), MEC340652E355 (3 x 5.5 kW)

- Vitreous double enamelled inner cylinder
- High density expanded polyurethane foam
- Corrosion resistant outer casing

Heating elements

60L: 3 x 3.3 kW or 3 x 4.4 kW
340L: 3 x 3.3 kW, 3 x 4.4 kW, or 3 x 5.5 kW

Amps per element
  • 3.3 kW: 14.4 A
  • 4.4 kW: 19.2 A
  • 5.5 kW: 24.0 A
Electrical connection

230 V 1 phase
400 V 3 phase

Pressure limiting valve (not supplied)

750 kPa approx. 

Cold water expansion control valve (not supplied)

850 kPa approx.

TPR valve (supplied)

46 kW, 1000 kPa, 99 °C


Factory setting - 75 °C
Min. thermostat setting - 60 °C, max. thermostat setting - 80 °C

Protection against water


Weights 60 L

Empty: 35 kg, full 95 kg

Weights 340 L

Empty: 110 kg, full 450 kg

Market release

Apr 2024

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