Rinnai iHeat


Discontinued August 2018

The Rinnai iHeat is a ducted home heating system that uses hot water from your Rinnai INFINITY water heater to warm air and circulate it around the home. The gas central heating system can also be zoned to only heat the areas you are using.

How it works
The Rinnai INFINITY provides hot water to the iHeat air handler unit (heat exchanger). The heat exchanger extracts the heat from the hot water and transfers it to a steady stream of air. This air is fed into the ducting system and is distributed into each room.

Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product.

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Product Details

Suitable for
Homes with a gas connection and an existing Rinnai INFINITY* (or planned installation).

Homes where the iHeat unit can be installed in a ceiling space, or under the floor—subject to clearances shown below. The unit cannot be positioned outside.

  • Heating area: Up to 250 m2 (depending on where you live)
  • Number of outlets: 3-12 (each outlet provides approx. 1.8 kW)

* The Rinnai INFINITY A-Series is not suitable for use with an iHeat as the system cannot be set high enough to run both the hot water and heating

The iHeat should be positioned so that the LED's are easily visible through the window of the control board. Avoid positions that make access to the iHeat and removing components difficult.

Above the unit - 450 mm
Sides of unit - 750 mm
Front and behind unit: 1 m minimum


Technical Specifications

Energy efficiency

Approx. the same as the Rinnai INFINITY—over 80% depending on the INFINITY model and ducting used

Heating area

Up to 250 m2, depending on where you live and how well the house is insulated

Minimum pipe size

20 mm external diameter pipe

Noise level- fan

40-50 dB(A), from various charts on the internet 40 dB(A) is the same as standing 1.5 m away from a refrigerator.

Please note: If the fan is balanced properly the fan noise will be negligible.

Noise level - Rinnai INFINITY

Approx. 50 dB(A)

Number of outlets

3-12, each outlet provides approx. 1.8 kW

Nominal electrical consumption

This does not include the Rinnai INFINITY

  • Heating fan Hi: 710 W
  • Heating fan Lo: 300 W
  • Air circulation fan Hi: 580 W
  • Air circulation fan Lo: 165 W
Power output

Nominal 20 kW, maximum 25 kW, depending on installation. Power output of fan is 0.6 W.

Return air intake

Min. size 1500 cm2
Return air filter is mandatory

Spigot size
  • Supply air: 300 mm ID
  • Return air: 350 mm ID

Approx. external diameter of return air ducting—430 mm


Total shipping weight approx. 56.4 kg

Market release

February 2013


August 2018


Additional dimensions
• Approx. end-to-end measurement = 1135 mm
• Total height of unit with a suspended mounting kit is 910 mm
• Total width of unit is 790 mm, this includes the control box