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Cooling 20 October 2023

Choosing the best air conditioner: a guide for New Zealand homes

Where do you start when you’re looking for the best air conditioner to heat and cool your home? There are dozens of options and so many price variations. To help you to narrow down your choices, it’s worth asking yourself some of the questions below.

Which type of air conditioner is best?

There are two kinds of air conditioners that are most suitable for New Zealand homes.

Ducted Air Conditioning is a system where warm or cool air is ducted directly to each room in your house. It means optimal heating and cooling all year round – no matter where you live in the country. It’s a very smart system that’s discreet, quiet and simple to use.

High Wall Heat Pumps are another excellent choice for New Zealand conditions. Wall-mounted units quietly and efficiently provide warm or cool air to your room, making them perfect for year-round comfort.

What size air conditioner is best for your home?

Bigger isn’t always better in air conditioning installation.

We often feel that bigger is better – a bigger car, a larger TV, a larger phone screen. And this attitude is often extended to air conditioning installation.

However, the most important factor for home comfort is ensuring the air conditioning system is the right-fit - in size and design. Not only can a system that’s too big and powerful waste power, but it can also, counter-intuitively, increase the level of humidity within your space.

On the other hand, a system that’s underpowered is going to struggle to supply your home with adequate cooling. It simply won’t have the capacity needed and, as a result, your system will run longer and work harder to provide the same level of cooling.

If that happens, you waste energy and get a larger electricity bill - and no one wants that!

Undersized units also mean more wear and tear because of the extra load. This means you'll be faced with replacing the unit much sooner than its expected lifetime - A costly and inconvenient consequence!

How to find the right aircon solution for your home?

Based on considerations such as space and aesthetics, you may have a pretty clear idea of which type of system you would like for your home. But there are many technical factors that need to be considered to ensure the absolute best outcome for your family’s comfort.

Rinnai work with an accredited dealer and installation network across New Zealand that will come out to your home to work with you to design the perfect solution for you and your family’s needs.

The design and specification process considers such things as how many spaces you would like to cool, room volume, insulation quality, windows and their placement, sunlight and the orientation of your home.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning in New Zealand?

As a general rule, High Wall Heat Pumps cost between $2,000 and $4,000 inclusive of installation. Ducted ‘Whole Home’ systems range from around $8,000 to $15,000, also including installation costs.

The easiest way to get a better idea of costs for your home is to find your nearest stockist or installer and ask for a quote.

Which air conditioner is best for our humid climate?

In New Zealand, we experience our fair share of uncomfortably humid weather. Which is why it’s so important to find an air conditioner that’s built for our unique conditions. Choosing between high wall or ducted heat pumps will give you the best air conditioning experience.

With the right system installed in your home, you’ll be able to set the temperature to be comfortable no matter what the weather’s doing. Experts agree that the ideal temperature is 16 to 19 degrees Celsius.

Temperature can have a big impact on your home life. From adverse effects on your health, to getting better sleep, working more productively from home, and even having healthier indoor plants.

Which air conditioning brand gives best cooling?

Rinnai gives you two choices of air conditioners: Ducted Air Conditioners and High Wall Heat Pumps. Both are great for heating your home, but they’re equally good for keeping you cool during the summer months. Especially as your air conditioner is a dehumidifier as well.

By combining dehumidification with cooling, air conditioners are the double-whammy in helping to create a more comfortable home environment. In fact, the world’s very first air conditioner was created for just that purpose, dehumidifying – cooling just happened to be a bonus!

Air conditioners contain all the same components you’ll find in a dehumidifier – both use a compressor, condenser, fans and most importantly, an evaporator. Some systems, like the Rinnai Pro Series High Wall Air Conditioners and the Rinnai Pro Series Ducted Air Conditioning Systems even come with the option to run them solely in dehumidifier mode.

What temperature should an air conditioner be set to for summer in NZ?

The World Health Organisation recommends keeping it between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. And in New Zealand, experts agree that the ideal temperature is 16 to 19 degrees Celsius.

It all comes down to your personal preference. Whatever that is, you’ll find your home’s a more comfortable and healthier place to live with the right air conditioner installed.


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