Seismic cylinder restraint kit



Indoor cylinder seismic restraint for cylinders up to 740 mm in diameter

All cylinders, as per G12, must be suitably restrained against seismic activity. Rinnai's indoor cylinder seismic restraint kit contains:

• 1 x 1170 mm galvanised strap
• 1 x galvanised turnbuckle
• 2 x galvanised wall brackets

Multiple kits will be required for most cylinder installations.

Technical Specifications




Galvanised steel

Suitable for these products

Suitable to fix any Rinnai indoor cylinder up to 740 mm in diameter. Fixings must be made to the framing inside the interior angled walls. Installation of cylinders up to 200 L will require two cylinder seismic restraint kits, cylinders over 200 L will require three kits.