Portable Convectors


Range Discontinued
Discontinued between 2012-2020

These are unflued portable gas heaters, which can be unplugged and moved from one gas wall or floor socket to another around the home, and can be tucked away in summer.

Range contains four models:

  • Avenger 6.9 kW (RCE671TR)
  • Dynamo 4.2 kW (REC471TR)
  • Blaze 5.9 kW (RCE571TR)
  • Enduro 3.6 kW (RCE371TH)

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Product Details

This function will automatically operate the appliance before the programmed start time so the room will be preheated to the set temperature when the timer comes on.

Dual timers
Allows you to program the appliance to come on for two separate periods each day, one period in the morning and one period in the evening.

Child friendly
No exposed flame, cool to touch cabinet*, and child lock as standard. Rinnai do not recommend unflued portable heaters if there are children in the house suffering from asthma or other respiratory illnesses. In these homes we recommend the home is heated using an Energysaver. 

* Louvre component of the heater will still be hot

Suitable for
Residential and commercial heating suitable for open plan areas. Room sizing in important. These heaters modulate to a low setting and do not turn off. It is important that the room is of a sufficient size that it will not overheat when the heater is on low—refer minimum room sizes are detailed below.

Portable convectors are unflued and not suitable for; bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, saunas, or spa rooms.

These heaters MUST NOT be installed in a room smaller than:

  • Avenger - 62.5 m3
  • Dynamo - 37.5 m3
  • Blaze - 52.5 m3
  • Enduro - 32.5 m3

Technical Specifications


White with grey louvres

Gas type

NG or LPG, gas type specified at time of purchase. Portable convectors are unable to be converted.

General clearances

Above, behind, and to the sides - 50 mm
In front - 750 mm

Input and output
Model Input (MJ/h) Output (kw)
Avenger 8-25  2.4-6.9
Dynamo 6-15  1.7-4.2
Blaze 8.5-21 2.4-5.9
Enduro 6-13 1.7-3.6

Ceramic surface combustion burner

Data plate

Lower right hand panel

Fan type

Multi speed fan

Gas control

Electronic control

Gas connection

Flexible gas hose with bayonet connection

Ignition system

Continuous spark electronic ignition

Noise level

40-41 dB(A)

Power consumption

Avenger 16.5-27.5 W
Blaze 16.5-25 W
Dynamo and Enduro 16-21 W
Standby, all models < 0.8 W, power cord located lower right hand side of rear panel

Safety devices

Overheat switch, electric fuse, flame failure sensor, oxygen depletion sensor, tilt switch, and power failure


Avenger and Blaze - 12 kg
Dynamo and Enduro - 10 kg


Energy Safety Supplier Declaration of Compliance: Declaration number - 7067200812 (Avenger and Dynamo)

Market release



Avenger - Aug 2020
Dynamo - Sep 2020
Blaze and Enduro - Sep 2012