Lisa and Chris (Ribz) Gordon – Winners of The Block NZ 2019 talking to Heat Pump dealer
Home Heating 3 February 2021

South Coast Comfort Solution with Our Rinnai Q Series Reverse Cycle Heat Pump

With a 1920’s home situated on the South Coast of Wellington, Lisa and Chris (Ribz) Gordon – winners of The Block NZ 2019, were looking for a home comfort solution that would take them through all seasons.

Their home, in the beautiful coastal suburb of Island Bay, had been fully insulated but the harsh winter chills and the summer humidity meant the couple and their family were not experiencing the optimal levels of comfort they knew their home could achieve.

With this as a key motivator, Lisa & Ribz set about talking to a Heat Pump installation specialist to determine what was going to be the right fit solution for their space.

"We’ve got quite a large space and we want to make sure we get the right sized heat pump so it’s efficient for power and is able to heat and cool the space" states Ribz.

Laurie Stephenson from Hothouse went through a scope procedure once he was onsite which involved measuring the dimension of the floor space to be conditioned which produces a ‘volume’. Also taken into consideration is the glazing and the insulation levels in the walls, floors and ceiling space. This information was then calculated to produce a kilowatt rating that will be the right-fit-solution for Lisa and Ribz’s entertaining space.

"Sizing is critical. If you don’t get the right-sized heat pump, you could be paying much more on your power bills and if the unit is undersized, it will not be able to do the job it’s required to do. Futureproofing is also a key consideration when looking at the positioning of your indoor heat pump unit. If you have plans to knock down walls or flip rooms about it’s important to factor this into your heat pump scope at the point of consultation." says Laurie from Hothouse.

Laurie pointed out the features of the Q Series heat pump that fit perfectly with Lisa and Ribz’ requirements and the way the family live in the house – the 3D Airflow function works specifically well for a centrally located unit and the built-in WiFi functionality would allow the family to control the comfort of their home wherever they are which is a perfect solution for a family that is always on-the-go.

The solution for these Block winners was a Rinnai Q Series 5.2kW Split System Heat Pump centrally-located in their open plan living and dining area, which also allows for them to continue the renovation of their much-loved home.

The installation of the Heat Pump was carried out the following week and in just 4 short hours, the family was enjoying the many features of their Rinnai home heating and cooling system.

Watch this video to learn more.

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