Home Heating 18 January 2021

Luxurious Living Around Our Rinnai Linear Fireplace

Placing the fireplace at the centre of the home was forefront in the design ambitions for Heather Le Cocq. Her stunning Auckland home, completed just before lockdown, overlooks the tranquil Bombay Hills.

A key consideration from the beginning of the design process was enabling the fireplace to truly be at the heart of the home.

‘’The fireplace is so important to us as a place to sit around each night and have a drink and enjoy conversation, and it provides heat in such a visual, aesthetic way.”

Heather chose the double-sided Rinnai Linear 1500 Fireplace for her modern, open-plan living space: an architectural statement that sits centrally between both the living room and kitchen spaces. The Linear 1500 is ideal as it can evenly heat this large space.

‘’Each night we come home from work, have a glass of wine, and switch the fire on, whether it's summer or winter as you can adjust the temperature just to suit.‘’

All design choices throughout the home were made by Heather, and she describes the interiors as a ‘’luxurious femme’’ theme with touches of soft pastel pink hues and gold trimmings.

For Heather, it was important that the fireplace was a New Zealand choice in all senses.

Not only in its aesthetic, with driftwood that’s been designed to match what’s found on wild West Coast beaches, but also in the fact that it’s New Zealand made and built.

Watch this video to learn more.

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