Symmetry reflective side panel kits




RRP is the same for both kits

Enhances the flame picture of the Symmetry fire.

Two reflective side panel kits to choose from (ideally ordered at the time of purchasing the Symmetry fire).

Brushed stainless steel (R3617)
Enhances the flame picture by producing a reflective red glow in the brushed stainless steel side panels.

Mirrored finish (R3618)
Extends and gives the illusion that the fire is larger as the mirror image of the flames are visible in the mirrored side panels.

It's difficult to convey the effect of the panels with pictures, but if you are interested we could email some higher resolution images, or if you live in the Auckland area you could visit the Rinnai showroom where we have them on display.

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Product Details

The kits can be purchased as an accessory when ordering the Symmetry engine and frame. Ideally the panels will be fitted during installation of the fire, but could also be retrofitted by a licensed gasfitter.

Designed specifically for the Symmetry RDV3611, but could be retrofitted to older Symmetry models (RDV3600 and RDV3610).

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