Rinnai INFINITY® Metal Recess Box




The Rinnai INFINITY metal recess box enables an external Rinnai INFINITY to be recessed, either fully or semi recessed into an external wall behind a door and out of sight.

The recess box is constructed of folder galvanised steel, powder coated white, which can be easily customised to complement the house exterior by the homeowner or installer.

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Product Details


  • Outdoor installations only
  • New construction or major renovation—installation needs to commence during the framing stage and before internal linings, cladding, or building wrap is applied.

A Rinnai INFINITY unit positioned inside a recess box operates at a slightly louder level than an INFINITY installed on an outside wall. Please keep this in mind if positioning near a bedroom as the operating noise could affect some people.

Building code compliance
Local councils may have their own requirements regarding a recess box installation, as it is similar in detail to installing a meter box. If in doubt over compliance, it is advisable to consult the local council prior to installation.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions R1405
  • Height - 945 mm
  • Depth - 205 mm
  • Width - 417 mm
Dimensions R1407
  • Height - 945 mm
  • Depth - 270 mm
  • Width - 514 mm
Flashing details

Refer flashing detail PDF documents in the downloads tab for brick veneer, masonry, sheet cladding, and weatherboard

Suitable for these products

R1405 recess box is suitable for the following INFINITY external water heaters:
- A16-A26 (current range)
- VT16-VT26 (discontinued)
- XR16-XR26 (discontinued)
- V16-V24 (discontinued)

R1407 recess box is suitable for the following INFINITY external water heaters:
- HD49kWe (current model)
- EF26 (current model)
- HD200 (current model)
- HD250 (current model)
- EF24 (discontinued)
- XR32 (discontinued)