INFINITY HD manifolding


Manifold Electronic Control System (MECS)

Rinnai INFINITY HD units can be manifolded together, in banks of five (up to 25 units), by connecting them together in parallel to enable a greater hot water flow rate than is possible with a single unit.

A manifold electronic control system (MECS) links each HD unit in the system, and will turn on each unit as required. The system is designed to ensure gas is not wasted and than an endless supply of hot water is available.

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Product Details

How it works
A primary controller, located internally or externally, and a sub-communication PCB is installed in the first unit, other units have a sub-communication cable installed. The primary PCB receives information about flow rates from each unit and balances the load on each unit.

Random selection of the units required to supply the demand means all units share the workload evenly.

All information is transmitted via the communication cables to the secondary units. The primary controller also has an inbuilt fault detection system and will allocate a replacement should one unit fail.

Technical Specifications

REUMSBM Internal primary manifold kit for a connection made INSIDE the INFINITY
REUMSBMB External primary manifold kit for a connection made OUTSIDE the INFINITY
REUMSBC1 Manifold sub-communication cable
REUMSBC2 Joiner for greater than five manifolded HD units