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Why Choose Ducted Gas Heating?

Ducted gas heating has a lot in common with the continuous hot water systems so many New Zealand homes now have. That’s because ducted gas heating operates efficiently and endlessly, allowing for almost instant heat whenever it is required.

It’s this that makes ducted gas heating one of the most popular home heating solutions. It can reach and retain ambient temperatures at speed with minimal running costs.

With ducted gas heating, you can expect to have an ambient temperature throughout the year. That’s because it works differently to other central heating such as radiator systems or ducted heat pump systems. These types of systems heat the highest point first, whereas Rinnai’s Brivis ducted gas heating heats every area of each room quickly and retains that temperature with high operating efficiency.

The efficiency of gas ducted heating is also very similar to continuous water heating. With Rinnai’s INFINITY gas hot water heaters, you only heat your water at the times you’ll need it. The same is true with Rinnai’s Brivis ducted gas heating - you don’t have to heat the whole house the entire time, just when you want to use it.

Brivis gas ducted heating system render of a home

Gas ducted heating is like central heating. Within five to ten minutes of turning it on, you will feel the heat throughout the home. However, while many central heating systems are recommended to be run consistently throughout the day and night to keep running costs down, the opposite is true with ducted gas central heating. In general, a Rinnai Brivis system needs to only be run for a few hours a day for maximum effectiveness. For example, for a couple of hours in the morning and a few in the evening.

In Auckland, a two-storey character home was recently renovated and had a Rinnai Brivis ducted gas central heating system installed. The results were instant.

The owner said it has been the most effective heating system they’ve ever used. Before renovating, as soon as you opened a door the heat would leave the house. This Brivis system in contrast is so effective they hardly need to use it at all because the heat just stays. It has been the most cost-effective way of heating the home, and when you turn it on the heat is almost instant. The homeowners have it on in all the main areas of the downstairs level, but don’t need to turn it on upstairs because the whole house is heated almost instantly!

Rinnai Brivis ducted gas heating is available exclusively in New Zealand from Rinnai, and is available in various forms depending on the desired efficiency of the gas furnace installed - three, four, five and six star-rated options are available.

Ducted gas heating system planning and drawing

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