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Rinnai’s New Realistic and Natural-Looking Gas Fireplaces

At Rinnai, we are continually researching the latest trends in architecture and interior design to see how fireplace design is evolving.

Minimalist, clean interiors that feature long, low types of fires are very popular. The modern gas fireplace has a high quality of log media, thin frames and a large viewing area. It is seamlessly integrated into the home and doesn’t look like an appliance.

We’ve also undertaken a lot of work directly with our customers about what people want from their fireplace and what is important, from both a performance and aesthetic perspective.

Performance is easier of the two – people want heat and a focal point, but the aesthetic part is more subjective and personal. People have an innate affinity with fire – it’s mesmerising, comfortable and protecting.

After taking all of this into account, our new Linear Collection was created. It focuses on super realism with an organic feel.

The timber we use in the fire is the central element. The ceramic logs themselves are moulded from real wood that was collected on a West Auckland beach. We have other media options, such as pebbles, and they are also moulded from the real artefact, so we are keeping it as real as we can.

Driftwood from our West Coast beaches served as inspiration for our Linear logs

New technologies to complement a new look.

The Linear Collection is a complete ground-up development from that original insight work with customers, through to understanding what’s going to be dimensionally appealing and interact well with the building.

The most important work has been around the aesthetic and appearance of the flame, in terms of maximising its height and how it interacts with the media. One of the variants in the Linear Collection has a new, highly innovative technology that Rinnai has named FlameTech, where the log itself is the burner. Instead of the log sitting on the fire, the flames emanate directly from the log itself. This is leading-edge technology that is brand new in New Zealand and this technology revolutionises the realistic wood-burning effect.

Most of our design work is carried out right here in New Zealand, although we do use specialist partners for some components, like ceramics. The FlameTech logs, for example, come from Europe, and took two years to develop.

Keeping our fireplaces sustainable.

Rinnai has always made a point of using energy wisely and making fireplaces energy efficient with fan systems and heat exchangers, so that they also function as heaters. Many fireplaces are marginal on the heating side but hungry on energy resources. Our fireplaces are not just showcase pieces in the lounge, they are functional appliances that heat the home well.

Our Linear collection is both aesthetically pleasing and an efficient form of home heating

The Rinnai difference.

At Rinnai, we conceive, design and build fireplaces here in New Zealand. It allows us to connect with what is truly Kiwi.

Many other fire brands are imported from the United States, so their interpretation comes from that environment. For example, the bark textures on their logs will be from American trees.

We pride ourselves on understanding the true needs of the homeowner. Our in-depth research with existing and potential customers includes going into homes and observing, firsthand, how our clients live, their style of house and what would be useful for them.

For evident safety reasons, gas appliances have to be built to the highest standards, and we go above and beyond, with very high internal quality standards and attention to detail in the design and manufacture of each of our products.

Our Linear fires are manufactured right here in Auckland, New Zealand

Learn more about the new Linear Collection and other innovative gas fireplaces.

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