Cooling 4 March 2020

How to keep your home cool this summer.

Summer seems to have finally found its way across to us in NZ. So things are set to get hot and sticky! New Zealand summers are warmer and increasingly humid which makes for stifling house temperatures and an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

So here are some top tips to keep your home nice and cool and ensure you get a restful night’s sleep.


Air condition your space.

It’s true that when it comes to keeping your home cool, nothing will do the job like a Heat Pump air conditioner. An air con unit will not only cool your space quickly and efficiently, it will also help to keep your air free of allergens and other air borne particles.


Sleep well.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, choose a model that has a ‘Sleep Mode’ function. This function will adjust the temperature throughout the night delivering the optimal comfort for a great night’s rest.


Use the WiFi function.

With WiFi functionality, you can come home to a perfectly cool and comfortable space by effortlessly controlling and monitoring your home’s temperature wherever you may be. This not only ensures a perfectly temperate home environment, it also helps on energy costs.



A little-known fact is that insulation not only helps to keep your home warm and cosy in winter, it also works to keep it cool through summer. Once your room is cooled to your desired temperature, insulation acts as a thermal barrier to halt the uptake of any heat energy trying to make its way inside.


Close curtains or blinds.

A lot of your home’s heat comes in through your windows – and in summer you’ll receive plenty of sunshine pouring through them. An easy way to minimise this extra dose of unwanted heat is to pull your binds or curtains when the sun is at its most direct. Curtains and shades will help deflect the heat from the direct sunlight and in turn help to keep your room cool and comfy.


Shut the windows and doors early in the morning.

It’s natural to want to open doors and windows to let the ‘fresh’ air in, especially first thing in the morning. But the likelihood is the outdoor temperature is going to be warmer than indoors by mid-morning so close the doors and windows and keep that cooler air inside.