Symmetry Granite Outer Frame


Discontinued Nov 2019

The Symmetry Granite Outer Frame kit is sent as four separate pieces so as to minimise damage during transit. It can be assembled by a skilled handyperson, or a tradesperson such as a tiler.

Installation is a staged process requiring adhesive to cure overnight—process will take three days. This timeframe needs to be factored, especially if you are paying a tradesperson to complete the work.

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Product Details

Before installing the granite frame ensure:

  • Wall is flat and square, if uneven there will be gaps behind the frame
  • Surface above the fire has been appropriately sealed and plastered to a smooth finish

If installing the granite frame on a Symmetry mounted at floor level there will be approximately a 15 mm gap from the underside of the granite frame to the floor.

During installation it is advisable to have an extra pair of hands to assist. The length and weight of the granite pieces as well as the quick bonding adhesive can be tricky to work with.

Suitable for these products

Suitable for use with all Rinnai Symmetry models. Total weight of the frame once installed is approximately 20 kg.