Rinnai INFINITY® Upwards Flue Diverter




$76 FDU16 / FDU20, $83 FDU24, $133 FDU32

The upwards flue diverter is an accessory that can be fitted to an external Rinnai INFINITY. It is designed to expel combustion products in an upwards direction. The flue diverter is fitted with screws to the flue terminal.

Model selection is based on the INFINITY unit, refer 'Tech Specs' for further details.

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Product Details

Specific applications
Noise reduction, in particular with larger INFINITY models where the unit is positioned close to a neighbouring property.

Where there may be an obstruction such as a tree, fence, wall or other structure, that even though an INFINITY is installed with the required clearances, will perform more efficiently if the flue gases are cleared upwards and away from the obstruction.

Where there are multiple units installed that are positioned facing each other—there is the potential for the units to suffocate from the flue gases of the unit directly opposite. With an upwards flue diverter the flue gases can be expelled upwards and away from the units.

Suitable for

  • Externally mounted Rinnai INFINITY water heaters NOT installed in a recess box
  • Balconies, patio or other enclosed areas where products of combustion can be rapidly dispersed into the open-air

The flue diverter MUST remain as a permanent fixture as removal could mean the water heater position no longer complies with AS/NZS 5601.1.

Technical Specifications

Codes and suitability
  • FDU16 - A16 (VT16, XR16)
  • FDU20 - A20 (VT20, XR18, XR20, Solar 20)
  • FDU24 - A24, A26 (VT24, VT26, XR20+, XR24, XR26, XR26+, Solar 24)
  • FDU32 - HD250 (XR32)

Models in brackets above are discontinued