Rinnai INFINITY® N56kWi flue diverter




The N56kWi internal flue diverter (black UV resistant PVC) is a flue accessory kit that allows you to move the flue terminal position up and away from the air intake by up to 1.5 m*.

It is designed for when a traditional terminal cannot be installed due to the flue being a nuisance or due to flue restrictions. It works in conjunction with the horizontal flue terminal, part FFP100HKIT.

Can ONLY be used with the Rinnai INFINITY N56kWi internal water heater.

* If you don't need to extend the full 1.5 m you can just use the connecting pipe

Technical Specifications




Black UV resistant polypropylene

Flue diverter kit contents
  • 90 degree elbows (x2)
  • connecting flue pipe 1000 mm
  • flue extension 695 mm
  • wall brackets (x3)
Market release

Jan 2020