Rinnai INFINITY® HD EZ connect cable (REUEZC)


The EZ connect cable allows two Rinnai INFINITY HD water heaters to be connected so they can function as one large unit.

The water heaters can be installed 5-460 mm apart. The maximum distance of 460 mm is so the cable will reach between the units, and to prevent temperature fluctuations when the water is turned on and off.

Installation by a certified gasfitter is required.

Please note: The bath fill function on the Bathroom Deluxe Controller will not work if an EZ connect cable is fitted.

Technical Specifications



Cable length

1850 mm

Suitable for

Rinnai INFINITY HD49kWe external and HD49KWi internal
Rinnai INFINITY HD200 external
Rinnai INFINITY HDi200 internal
Rinnai INFINITY HD250 external