Rinnai INFINITY® Bathroom Deluxe Controller



Works in conjunction with the Rinnai Deluxe Kitchen Controller

Will run a bath for you , turn off the water, then tell you when it's ready. Adjust the water volume of the bath or shower, temperature and the volume of the voice.

Digital controllers allow you to select the exact temperature of the hot water at the tap within the controller temperature range.

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Product Details

Benefits of a controller:

  • Safety, if you have young children, the hot water can be preset to a child-safe level for the period while you are filling the bath—a safety interlock feature prevents the water temperature from being adjusted from another controller while the bathroom controller is operating at the press of a button

  • No need to mix hot and cold water, this reduces the affect of temperature spiking when another tap in the building is turned on

  • You use your continuous flow unit more efficiently as less gas is required to heat water to 40 °C (typical shower temperature) than at 55 °C (default temperature without controllers)

  • Allow diagnosis of problems (such as gas supply disruption) in the unlikely event or a fault, or for a maintenance review when the INFINITY is serviced.

Extended warranty
Rinnai INFINITY installations with a Rinnai controller receive an extended warranty.

Technical Specifications





Comes with

All controllers come with 10 m of cable.

Available temperature settings

37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 50

Max. number in an installation

Up to two Bathroom Deluxe Controllers can be installed to a Rinnai INFINITY

INFINITY model and controller compatibility

Current range of INFINITY water heaters and controllers:
- A-Series, N-Series, HD-Series, and EF26
- Deluxe bathroom (MC-100V) and Deluxe kitchen (MC-BC-100V) controllers

Current controllers may not be compatible with older INFINITY units. Please check the model of your INFINITY.


Width - 195 mm
Height - 97 mm
Depth - 22 mm

IP rating

Rinnai controllers are not IP rated. The controllers are low voltage (12 V DC) from the Rinnai INFINITY via a cable to the controller. Rinnai does not recommend placing a controller where they will get wet from a shower head, tap or water fixture. They are water resistant, not water proof.

Suitable for these products

Installations with a Rinnai INFINITY continuous flow gas hot water heater installed, refer compatible water heater models in the 'Tech Specs' section. Each remote controller can be individually programmed, however the water heater can only deliver one set temperature at any time.

Rinnai water controllers cannot be used with Rinnai INFINITY units connected to solar systems, when a Rinnai iHeat is installed, or in a ring main system using N-Series models.

Controllers are water resistant, however, durability is improved when positioned outside the shower recess. All deluxe water controllers must be installed at least 400 mm above the highest part of a sink, basin, or bath.

Controller configurations
A maximum of four water controllers (three for the N-Series, A28i, HD49kWi) can be fitted. Any combination of the deluxe, compact, and wireless* controllers can be used within the following parameters:

• Only ONE master can be installed. This can be a Kitchen Deluxe, Compact, or Wireless* Controller.
• Up to two Bathroom Deluxe Controllers can be installed.
• Fourth controller in any installation must be a Compact or Wireless* Controller. 

* The wireless controller is discontinued


If your Rinnai INFINITY controller starts with MC91, you can upgrade it with one of these current controllers, but it would be wise to check what model of you have.

If your controller is one of these models below, unfortunately it is obsolete with no upgrade available due to the age of your Rinnai INFINITY unit.

  • MC-31-A
  • BC-31-A
  • MC-33-1A
  • BC-45-2A
  • BSC-45-1A

Consider upgrading your Rinnai INFINITY and your controller at the same time.

To get a quote, contact your preferred local gas fitter, or Rinnai Service Team or Rinnai Service Agent



The MC601A Compact Controller works with the XR, VT, A Series, EF and HD Rinnai INFINITY units.