Thinking responsibly and caring about our environment

Rinnai New Zealand recognises that environmental protection is a vitally important social and economic issue. Here at Rinnai New Zealand, we are committed to sustainable business practices to safeguard the environment and natural resources for future generations.

Rinnai New Zealand is part of the global Rinnai Group, who are proactively working on decarbonisation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across the group to achieve the Rinnai Group goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

As a pathway towards this goal, Rinnai New Zealand is committed to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030. Rinnai are actively involved in investigating how renewable gas can help to achieve this goal.

You can read more about the Rinnai group approach to Environmental Management here: Rinnai Integrated Annual report

You can read more about the Rinnai Group commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 here: Announcement of "Rinnai Group's Path to Becoming Carbon-Neutral"

Rinnai NZ environmental policy

As well as all the good things maintained as part of ISO 14001, we have also implemented several smaller environmental initiatives, which we hope collectively can make a big difference. Here are a few examples:

Polystyrene recycling
We have partnered with Abilities, a non-profit organisation, to coordinate and implement a process for polystyrene collection. The waste polystyrene is melted/compacted into blocks before being shipped overseas, where it is recycled into interior mouldings.

Bringing the bees back
Rinnai supports a company that rents beehives to businesses, with a focus on getting bees back into the urban ecosystem.

Packaging reuse
High grade cartons used to protect fragile imported components are collected and on-sold at a small cost to a moving company where they are reused.

Packaging used for goods coming into Rinnai are re-purposed by our warehouse team to package spare parts and sent to customers. It might not look pretty, but it's functional.

20 L heavy duty plastic chemical containers used by our paint plant are rinsed and sent back to the supplier for refilling and kept in circulation.

In other activities, we have formalised everything environmental into our induction program with the aim that every individual working at Rinnai knows what part they play in the environmental program—it's amazing what can be done when we all work as one.