Frequently Asked Questions

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Why isn't my Rinnai INFINITY® water heater working properly?

If your Rinnai INFINITY® water heater is not working properly, please check the following points:

If you have Rinnai INFINITY® water heater controller(s) installed on the wall in a kitchen or bathroom, are they turned on? Please note that you will need to turn controllers back on after a power cut.

Check that the screen on the controller is illuminated. If the screen is blank, press the on/off button on the controller and try the hot water again. If you are unsure whether there is a controller or not, check to see how many wires are coming out the bottom of the INFINITY®. If there is more than one, there is a controller somewhere in the house.

Is there power at the appliances power point? For the Rinnai INFINITY®, the switch is often located outside. Tip: Plug in a phone charger or similar to check if the power point is working.

Is there a fuse that has been tripped relating to the appliance? If the fuse or circuit breaker (RCD) has tripped this may be indicative of an electrical fault, as generally fuses or RCDs do not trip out without cause. We advise replacing the fuse or resetting the RCD. If the circuit trips again, an electrician or other qualified person needs to be called.

Is there gas in the LPG cylinder?

Is the LPG cylinder valve open?

If the LPG cylinder has just been replaced or if the Rinnai INFINITY® has not been used for some time, you may need to bleed air out of the gas line. Go to a mixer tap in the house and turn it to the full hot position. Then turn the tap handle on and off 10 times. Check if hot water is being produced. If not, repeat for a further 10 times and then check.

The size of the LPG cylinder needs to be 45kg for the Rinnai INFINITY® to operate properly. Smaller cylinders will “freeze up” in cold weather.

If none of the above applies, please book a service by phoning 0800 RINNAI (0800 746 624) or fill in our form online.