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Is it possible to supply the cylinder with LED control pad locatable away from the cylinder?

The control pad for the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ is connected to the thermostat in the cylinder via a cable. Due to electrical compliance requirements, mounting the control pad on the cylinder is currently the only option.

Like any product, there will be continuous improvement over time and eventually there may be the option to have a wireless controller or the technology to control the unit via mobile phone. The current design is a huge step forward in the efficiency of the electric hot water cylinder market in NZ.

The great thing about the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ is that it works very well with not much input from you, the homeowner. The control is a set and forget product which allows you to make savings without having to do anything, it isn’t a control that you need to check or adjust. When the cylinder is installed, the level is set on the control pad (most people choose level three, the default setting) and then the cylinder begins to learn your habits and make savings. There may be the odd instance when you may want to change the mode - for example if you are going on holiday or have guests staying and your hot water pattern changes.

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