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Gas fires, how do I stop soot deposits on the logs and glass?

This is not uncommon with NZ ULPG because you can get a high build up of Butane in your gas cylinder which requires larger amounts of oxygen to complete combustion. Although the appliance is designed to accept 100% butane for a few hours it is not designed to run on Butane continuously.

The way that Rinnai achieves the most realistic flame picture is by combining tall yellow flames with some flame impingement on the logs to give a red glow. This is why the setting up of the logs and loose granules in the correct intended position is critical for best performance. Take special care to follow the Rinnai Installation Guide and the easy check colour picture that we attach to the glass of every unit. Also take the time to look at the YouTube video clips on the Rinnai website giving guidelines for each model and gas type.