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What is a Ducted Heat Pump System?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control the climate? Every day, thousands of Kiwi’s face shifting weather conditions, but when the weather turns what do you do to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature throughout your entire home?

A ducted Heat Pump air conditioning system may just be the answer.

A ducted system is a type of heat pump unit that works by providing conditioned air to the entire home or specified zones through vents or ducts. These are generally fitted into your home’s ceiling space and circulate heated or cooled air throughout your entire home.

Offering incredible flexibility in duct and vent placement, this system offers a discreet and aesthetic answer to whole home comfort.

The ducted system’s ability to maintain healthy airflow has some added benefits for you and your family. By removing damp air and encouraging circulation throughout your home the ducted air conditioning system helps to keep the build-up of condensation to a minimum, reducing mould and other issues that are a result of excessive dampness in the home environment.

As with all heating and cooling systems, there are some factors to be considered when choosing the right ducted Heat Pump air conditioning system for your unique space.

For example:

  • What type of house do you live in – is it full brick or veneer? Is it weatherboard? Is it large or small?
  • Is your house insulated, and if so, to what extent?
  • What direction is your home positioned?
  • How many rooms do you have, how big are they, and how high are the ceilings?
  • How big are the windows and doors and where are they positioned?
  • Do you want to heat and cool your entire home or are there rooms you would like to omit?

Then there are additional aspects such as the size of your ceiling cavity space – is it big enough?
Do you have outside space where the compressor unit or units can be installed without the noise disturbing you or your neighbours?

In terms or features, would you like the option of Wi-Fi control?

Do you require zoning capability so you are able to control the temperature of each room individually?

To help you answer all of these questions and determine the best solution for your home, turn to someone you can trust for whole home comfort… Rinnai NZ.

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