Home Heating 4 May 2020

Preparing Your Home for Winter

We all love a warm and comfortable home during the cold winter months. So before the worst of the weather arrives, go through our checklist to make sure you’re protecting your home and your family – as well as ensuring you have efficient heating. Many of these things you can do yourself to keep maintenance and utility bills down.

Your winter checklist:

  • Clear your spouting of leaves, debris and plant material
  • Clean out drainage channels and ensure storm drains are clear
  • Weather-strip any windows or doors that are draughty
  • Check that ceiling insulation is in place and close access holes
  • Trim trees with overhanging branches near windows and spouting
  • Cover outdoor furniture that’s not in regular use
  • Secure outdoor furniture and the trampoline in case of high winds
  • Check your emergency supplies including replacing any out of date food items, refreshing water supplies and ensuring torches are working.
  • Get your heating system serviced

If your home is notoriously cold during the winter months, now’s the time to consider a more efficient and effective heating system, before the big chill arrives.

Rinnai’s gas ducted central heating system is New Zealand’s leading gas central heating system. It’s designed to keep your entire home at a comfortable temperature, all at the touch of a button.

Rinnai gas ducted central keeps your entire home warm and comfortable

We offer a complimentary in-house central heating design service to ensure that each heating system is tailored to New Zealand homes and is guaranteed to provide warm, cosy air throughout your home for many years (subject to availability in your area). 


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