Home Heating 3 April 2020

How to Clean Your Heat Pump

A Heat Pump air conditioner provides a great energy-efficient solution for heating and cooling your home. However, a lack of proper maintenance and regular servicing could significantly affect the efficiency and performance of your system. It may also cause problems later down the track and reduce your product’s lifespan.

Luckily a Heat Pump doesn’t require much looking after, but there are a few tasks required in order to keep it running at maximum efficiency.

These simple steps can make a big difference to the performance of your unit:

  1. Clean the dust from the filters. As a rule of thumb, you should be cleaning your Heat Pump’s filters every season (every 3 to 4 months). Over time the build-up of dust and debris can clog the air filters and restrict air flow. Cleaning your filters regularly will ensure that your Heat Pump operates at optimum efficiency and reduces unnecessary energy consumption.

    Removing and cleaning your filters is a relatively easy task that you can do without the help of a technician.

    • Make sure your Heat Pump is switched off before you begin.
    • Remove the front panel of your unit.
    • Remove the air filter and clean with a small brush or vacuum with a brush attachment. You may also choose to rinse with lukewarm water. If so, leave in a shaded area to dry or use a soft dry cloth.
    • Slide air filter back into unit and replace the front panel.

  2. Clean the indoor unit grilles. Dust also accumulates on the grilles of your indoor unit. Gently vacuum along the grooves or gently wipe with a damp cloth for efficient air flow.

  3. Clean the outdoor unit. Did you know that cleaning the outdoor unit of your Heat Pump Air Conditioning System is just as important as cleaning the air filters of your indoor unit? To keep your unit running at its best make sure to keep the outdoor unit clear of organic matter such as leaves, weeds and debris then isolate the outdoor unit from electrical supply before cleaning down the outdoor unit (even if you have turned off the indoor unit). You will find this switch adjacent to the outdoor unit. Wash the unit down using very low pressured water from a garden hose.

  4. Get your Heat Pump professionally serviced every 12 months. The tips above will help keep your unit working effectively and efficiently. But they don’t replace the need to have your system professionally serviced by an accredited Heat Pump Air Conditioning technician. A professional service will ensure your system will operate smoothly and efficiently, delivering comfort to your home environment while extending the life of your investment.

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