Rinnai Symmetry Heat Transfer Kit



Transfer heat with heat ducting technology

Traditional fires heat one part of the house, but with the Rinnai Symmetry's innovative heat ducting, heat can be transferred to an additional 1-2 rooms in your home.

The fire's flexible heat ducting can be run horizontally or vertically through a wall or through the floor to distribute warm air to another area without the need for a secondary heating source. 

The heat transfer kit is capable of providing up to 2 kW of heat to additional areas.

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Product Details

Suitable for use with all Rinnai Symmetry models.

It's best to install the Rinnai Heat Transfer Kit at the same time as the Rinnai Symmetry as unrestricted access to the side of the unit is needed. One kit will heat one room.

The Rinnai Heat Transfer Kit must not be mounted in areas subject to direct splashing—relevant to underfloor installations that could be exposed to water.

Installation can be completed by a skilled DIY homeowner, however a licensed electrician is required to install the fan and wall switch.

Technical Specifications

Duct 3 m

50 mm inner diameter
200 mm outer diameter

Duct 6 m

150 mm inner diameter
200 mm outer diameter

Hanging chain for fan

2 m

Ceiling outlet (grill)

160 x 160 mm

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