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The Effects of a Cold Home on your Family’s Health

20 July 2020

A warmer, drier home makes it harder for germs to spread. That is the vital point when it comes to New Zealand’s predominantly cold and damp housing that results in a reported 1600 deaths every winter. Read More

Top Tips For A Drier (And Healthier) Home

17 June 2020

Damp – it’s one of those dreaded words that you don’t want to hear when you’re talking about your home (probably only trumped by ‘subsidence’!). Read More

Preparing your home for winter.

4 May 2020

We all love a warm and comfortable home during the cold winter months... Read More

10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home In Winter

4 May 2020

Dark, damp and dreary days of winter can give your surroundings a drab feeling.. Read More