Rinnai Smart Cylinder

[+] How does Rinnai calculate their claim of typical hot water heating savings of 10-15%?

[+] Is it possible to supply the cylinder with LED control pad locatable away from the cylinder?

[+] Will you be developing an APP that will enable remote access to change the setting?

[+] What if more hot water is required, i.e. additional people coming to stay?

[+] How long does it take to learn a new pattern?

[+] What is the warranty on the smart cylinder?

[+] Why can’t you buy it as a smart controller on it’s own to attach to an existing cylinder?

[+] How does the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ reduce the risk of legionella?

Water Heating

[+] There are so many similar products around, what does Rinnai provide that the others don't?

[+] I'm not really clear on any option and it's getting all bit too confusing, what should I do?

[+] What is the difference between a Rinnai Efficiency and a Rinnai Infinity?

[+] For continuous flow units you promote the use of remote controllers, why?

[+] I’m trying to factor costs and then compare what’s best. I can find out the cost of the different products but what about installation costs?


[+] I’m concerned about air quality and suffer from asthma, what would be the best product for me?

[+] I’ve read that unflued heaters require room ventilation when using, what does this mean and doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having a heater on?

Gas Fireplaces

[+] Do all your gas fireplaces require electricity?

[+] Are there any general flueing guidelines that I need to be aware of?

[+] Can I install a TV above a Rinnai gas fireplace?

[+] What is a zero clearance box?

[+] I’ve had my gas fire for five years, should I get it checked?


[+] We’re looking at installing an Outdoor Super Ray just under a soffit, what are the clearances required?