Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pump


Range Discontinued
Last sold May 2020

Designed for homeowners that want to significantly reduce running costs while minimising their carbon footprint.

  • Retrofit to virtually any brand of electric hot water cylinder
  • Simple installation, usually takes less than one day

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Product Details

Suitable for:
• External residential applications
• Connection to mains pressure hot water cylinders
• NZ geographical zones 1 and 2 only, these being the North Island, and Nelson & Bays ONLY

While the Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pump will operate at temperatures between -7 °C to 45 °C, output and efficiency will reduce at lower temperatures. For example:

  • With an outside air temperature of 20 °C, the heat pump delivers 3 kW of heat output for every 1 kW used, making it 300% efficient
  • With and outside air temperature of 10 °C, the heat pump delivers 2.6 kW of heat output for every 1 kW used, making it 200% efficient

Not suitable as a spa or swimming pool heater.

Not suitable for dense housing areas as the operating noise, especially at night, could be disruptive for neighbours. In Australia timers have been used to mitigate this problem, however the homeowner needs to be aware that in some instances they may not have hot water when they need it.

Water quality
Not suitable for certain water chemistries. Examples of water quality issues where the water may need to be treated prior to using a Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pump are:

• Hard water areas such as in Wanganui
• Aggressive water areas such as in Christchurch
• Bore water areas where the water may be hard and/or aggressive

Geothermal hot spots
The Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pump is not warranted against corrosion in geothermal hotspot areas such as Rotorua, where high levels of sulphur dioxide are present in the atmosphere.

Distance between the heat pump and the storage tank
If the heat pump and cylinder are more than 5 m apart an R5043 adjustable flow restrictor must be purchased as a separate item to complete installation.

Refer to p. 16 of the operation and installation guide (in the downloads) for pipe diameter and maximum pipe length, including the return.

Technical Specifications



Rated input

1.9 kW

Max. energy output

6.0 kW, this is the maximum possible from the unit and should be used to ensure the tank TPR valve is suitably sized

Max. water pressure

850 kPa

Nominal COP


Max. water temperature

60 °C

Refrigerant type/mass

R134A (Tetrafluoroethane) / 750 g

Refrigerant pressure

High 2.7 MPa, low 1.0 MPa

Refrigerant compressor oil

Type - Neo 32, quantity 520 ml

Ingress protection


Noise level

Fan approx. 55 dB(A)

Net weight

60 kg

Power supply

240 V, 50 Hz

Start up protection

When the power is first turned on to the heat pump, or when the power is cut, then restored, the unit will not start for three minutes. This is to protect the condenser.

Ambient temperature operating range

-7 to 45 °C
When the ambient temperature is below 2 °C the tank temperature achieved may be lower. When the ambient temperature is high, the air supply fan will run at a lower speed.

Defrosting function

The heat pump has protection systems that will stop the operation of the unit if; the air inlet/outlet is blocked, voltage is out of nominal range (207-255 V), over pressure, or over temperature in the refrigerant system.

Sensor wire

Part number - 12567

Market release

Oct 2011

Last sold

May 2020


3 years