Commercial water heating

HJ Cooper Hot Water Dairy Cylinders

HJ Cooper by Rinnai dairy cylinders are designed specifically for the dairy farmer to provide water storage that is robust, highly efficient and cost effective.

XL Commercial Storage Cylinders

These large volume buffer tanks can be used in commercial applications such as apartments, hotels, wineries, dairy farms or heat recovery applications. Made of Duplex 2205 stainless steel for high strength and corrosion resistance.

Demand Direct manifold system: Continuous flow hot water on demand

Consists of 2-25 commercial continuous flow water heaters plumbed together. This system is ideal when there is a known hot water demand over a set period, for example, shower blocks, gyms, sports clubs, restaurants, and wash-down facilities.

Demand Rapid: Rapid recovery storage system

Demand Rapid is for smaller commercial or larger residential applications where a large quantity of hot water is required quickly, but there is recovery time available before next use.

Demand Duo: Continuous flow with storage backup

Customised hot water systems with 2-5 Rinnai INFINITY HD or EF continuous flow water heaters.

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