Save $50 on appliance service by Rinnai

Servicing your appliance can extend its operating life and also ensures it is running at peak efficiency - saving you and your family money. If it's been two years or more since you had your appliance installed or serviced, it's time to consider getting it serviced. 

The Gas Hub is pleased to bring you this special maintenance offer from Rinnai for servicing of: 

  • Rinnai Infinity hot water units
  • Rinnai fireplaces
  • Rinnai space heaters
  • Brivis ducted central heating

Standard service prices range from $238 to $270, although together with Rinnai we'll give you a $50 credit towards this. Please note this does not include replacement parts of parts that may be discovered as part of the service. Good news is, the service team should be able to fix any faults or replace parts while on site at your place, and if you're getting an Infinity system serviced, they'll throw in a new filter at no cost. 


** This offer applies from Upper Hutt to Plimmerton in the Wellington region only.