Rinnai INFINITY® N-Series & EF26 + Servicing Workshop

This year we are offering 2 ½ hour technical workshops covering 3 subjects.

  • New Rinnai INFINITY N – Series (released in Jan 2020)
  • New Rinnai INFINITY EF26 (to be released about March 2020)
  • How to service a Rinnai INFINITY. This an overview of the steps and is based on our most popular free on-line course “INFINITY Maintenance”.

2½ hrs covering:

Rinnai INFINITY N-Series (90 minutes)

Packed with 97% thermal efficiency, the N-Series replaces the popular EF 250 and EFi250 models. Learn about the many improvements in this model including the impressive flueing parameters.

With a new PCB and built in controller learn about how best to specify, install and commission this unit.

Built to cope with commercial use. This unit is equally suitable for larger homes and small businesses.

Check out more features here.

Rinnai INFINITY EF26 (20 minutes)

The EF26 units are much smaller and lighter than the domestic EF24 it replaces. With a nominal capacity of 26 l/m, this short session looks at the benefits EF26 brings and the differences to the EF24 and similarities with the A-Series.

Rinnai INFINITY Servicing (40 minutes)

Based on our most popular on-line learning module from our free TradeSmart courses, this 40-minute session covers the equipment you will need, the steps to dismantling a Rinnai INFINITY VT and how each part is cleaned /serviced for the regular 2-yearly maintenance check.