Locating the Product Code or Serial Number

If you’re having trouble finding the products code or serial number here are some tips on where to look.

Here's an example of what a serial number/model number on a product can look like:


Rinnai Infinity

Our Rinnai Infinity product information & serial number is normally found on the bottom left side of the units.

Rinnai cylinder

On the label there is a white space, look for a code beginning with M or L above the word model

Gas Fires

At the back of the Operation and Installation Manual.

Boil & Brew

On the left side of the unit down the bottom, there is a specification label. Look for the code starting with R.

Brivis gas ducted central heating

In the owner’s manual or operation manual, you will find the product information you need to register your Brivis gas ducted central heating unit. This information is found on page 16. The product information will either be written or a sticker would have been given by your installer within that space. If this has not been done, in your next service you can ask for the sticker from your service agent. If you have any further questions on how to find product information, just call our Customer Service team and they will be able to assist you.

Q Series High Wall Heat Pumps

On the right-hand side of the product.

Ducted Heat Pumps

On the right-hand side of the product.