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To increase your knowledge, skills, expertise and value within a growing product category - trust Rinnai's unique and proven experience in innovative training. 

Check below for the many options we have for upskilling.

Regional Workshops (free)

We’re sorry - Our Regional workshop programme is cancelled for 2020.

To learn about the new N & E Series INFINITIES, check the Rinnai NZ YouTube channel here.

This year, we are offering regional workshops in 17 centres - that's 7 more locations than in 2019!

Check out the two workshops we offer:

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INFINITY® N-Series & EF26 + Servicing Workshop

Technical workshop on: 

  • New Rinnai INFINITY N 
  • New Rinnai INFINITY EF26 
  • How to service a Rinnai INFINITY

INFINITY Fault-finding & Repair

To increase knowledge of basic fault-finding, common issues and use of controllers for gasfitters.

Check out our Quick How To Videos

Rinnai has its own Youtube Channel. Here's a sample of some of the videos you will find:

5 Videos on the New INFINITY® N-Series 

6 Videos on Brivis

Online Learning and Certification

We have a Learning Portal inside our TradeSmart Hub.

Here you will find free courses and modules for Plumbers, Gasfitters, Merchants & Apprentices.

A sample of our online courses are:

    • INFINITY® Maintenance

    • Brivis SP6 Universal

    • Infinity N-Series

    • Introduction to Wetback Hot Water Systems

    • Evolve® Gas Fire Installation and Commissioning

    • Gas Fires 1 & 2 (Merchants)

TradeSmart Portal

Register (for first-time users) and Log in to TradeSmart and check our full range of courses. Some may have assessments so you can celebrate your learning achievement.

Special Technical Courses

We provide the following specialist partners additional technical training and certification* which is not available to outside companies or individuals.

*Rinnai Heat Pump Dealer

Technical Courses for our:

  • Authorised Service Centres
  • Fireplace Specialists
  • Heat Pump Dealers

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