Have you ever wanted to be a noble Lord or Lady of your very own medieval castle? Or defend it as a brave Knight?

You’ve come to the right place! The Land of Rinnai is full of empty castles for you to besiege. Click here to print a 3D mini castle – just ask a grown-up for some Sellotape and scissors to make it.

Keen on world domination? Ask Mum and Dad about a life-size castle – big enough for you and all your friends to conquer a kingdom in your living room! Once you’ve built your formidable castle, make your enemies shake in their boots with fearsome swords and armour. Or win over the hearts of your people with a glittering royal crown.

 Click to print:
• Turret flags
• Princess hat
• Royal crown
• Medieval mask
• Medieval sword
• Castle flag stickers
• Castle shield extra stickers

Psst – want the glory of your kingdom to be famous from Cape Reinga to Bluff? Send us photos of your castle, and we’ll feature the best ones on our website.