Installing the INFINITY® A Series

Installing an INFINITY® is now faster and easier than ever. But there are a few differences from INFINITY® VT Series.


Changes to commissioning checks

Compared to previous models, the INFINITY® A Series requires less commissioning checks. The main difference is that the gas supply pressure is now the only pressure test required. In the majority of installations, removal of the cover and burner pressure checks are not required.

Note: Further checks will be required for installations where the default temperature is changed, or a flue diverter is fitted.

Adjusting for temperature settings or flue diverters?

PCB settings will need to be adjusted if the factory default temperature is required to be changed. These changes are made via the push buttons on the PCB

Dip settings will need to be checked if a flue diverter is fitted to the appliance.

Instructions for these changes can be found on page 12-14 of the install manual.


Pipe connection positioning?

The hot, cold and electrical connections of the A Series are located in the same position as the VT Series. The A Series can be installed into a position piped out for an INFINITY® VT with no, or very little changes to pipework.


Installing INFINITY® A Series in an older recess box?

If fitting an INFINITY® into a recess box purchased before April 2018, an additional bracket will be required. This bracket adjusts for the slight difference in bracket dimensions between the VT Series and the A Series.