Rinnai Cosypanel 501 and 501TF


Range Discontinued
Discontinued 2008

Compact and unobtrusive, wall mounted unflued convector space heaters. The 501TF model is fan assisted. 

Residential heating appliance, ideal for background heating in spaces such as hallways and entranceways. Can heat up to 13 m2, depending on where you live in NZ.

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Product Details

The 501 Cosypanels MUST NOT be installed in rooms smaller than 29 m3 (can be halved in a hallway). All models are wall mounted.

They are unflued and are not suitable for; bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, saunas, or spa rooms.

Gas type
Available in NG or LPG, gas type specified at time of purchase. Heater is unable to be converted.

General clearance information
The recommended clearance for installation is 100 mm from the floor and a 150 mm clearance from the side panels. The heater is not designed to be built-in.

Do not install the heater:

  • Under a shelf, mantel or other projection within a distance of 800 mm from the top of the heater
  • Under a window

Technical Specifications


3.2-5.3 MJ/h


0.9-1.4 kW


Aeromatic single entry

Data plate

Left hand side of the front panel

Fan type (501TF only)

Tangential 40 mm

Gas connection

3/8 " BSP flare fitting with nut, will fit 10 mm O.D copper pipe

Ignition system

Piezo ignition

Injector size

1.05 mm


Multi-functional gas control valve with variable heat settings, incorporating a fan switch (800TF), flame failure device, gas regulator, and Piezo ignition

Temperature control


Test pressure

0.98 kPa


6.5 kg


April 2013